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Business Technology Soulutions

Security Hardened Linux Repo

HTTPS Encryption Every Time

Public repos typically don't support the burden of HTTPS due to the vast ammount of public users encumbering their repo servers and the low revenue to support those repo servers. While the repo still uses GPG signing to reduce tampering, package updates are often conducted over unencrypted channels. The Moderite Security Hardened Repo keeps the packages you use, and the security patches you apply outside public eyes.

A Better Security Baseline

Most Security IT professionals dilligently protect the networks and their systems. But most exploits target a vulnerability that could have been stopped at the software development level. Our team applies security profiles that accompanies packages most at risk so that when a 0-day exploit emerges, your systems remain protected even before the security patches are applied.

The Best Features

  • Faster Download Speeds
  • Hardened security profiles
  • ALWAYS Encrypted Communication
  • Patch and Update Management Web Interface

Hardware Asset Management (Coming Soon)

Hardware Preformance Suite

Know where all your devices are with automated device discovery to keep inventory of your IT infrastructure. Receive notifications when hardware needs replacing, and simply repacement purchases assisted with our machine learning algorithm to identify hardware failures before they happen.

Software-Based Anti-Theft

No one likes to be robbed blind. Know where your devices are located, when they go missing, and keep documented proof of ownership for a painless recovery.

The Best Features

  • Hardware Life-Cycle Detection
  • Software Based Anti-Theft
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Purchase Web Interface